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King Lear Text Download Software



What do you mean? CORNWALL My villain! They draw and fight First Servant Nay, then, come on, and take the chance of anger. Gentleman Why, good sir? KENT A sovereign shame so elbows him: his own unkindness, That stripp'd her from his benediction, turn'd her To foreign casualties, gave her dear rights To his dog-hearted daughters, these things sting His mind so venomously, that burning shame Detains him from Cordelia. EDGAR Hadst thou been aught but gossamer, feathers, air, So many fathom down precipitating, Thou'dst shiver'd like an egg: but thou dost breathe; Hast heavy substance; bleed'st not; speak'st; art sound. 30, 2014 Price: Purchase; iTunes account required.; $1.99 to buy File Size: 49.11MB Downloads Last Week: 0 Platform: iOS Publisher's Description+ From DodgePoint Software: Shakespeare's King Lear with full "radio theater" audio production. KING LEAR Pray, do not mock me: I am a very foolish fond old man, Fourscore and upward, not an hour more nor less; And, to deal plainly, I fear I am not in my perfect mind. BURGUNDY Royal Lear, Give but that portion which yourself proposed, And here I take Cordelia by the hand, Duchess of Burgundy. ACT V SCENE I. Nothing. In such a night To shut me out! Pour on; I will endure. EDMUND Parted you in good terms? Found you no displeasure in him by word or countenance? EDGAR None at all.


To be worst, The lowest and most dejected thing of fortune, Stands still in esperance, lives not in fear: The lamentable change is from the best; The worst returns to laughter. ALBANY Even so. Enter CORDELIA, KENT, and Doctor CORDELIA O thou good Kent, how shall I live and work, To match thy goodness? My life will be too short, And every measure fail me. KENT All the power of his wits have given way to his impatience: the gods reward your kindness! Exit GLOUCESTER EDGAR Frateretto calls me; and tells me Nero is an angler in the lake of darkness. KING LEAR What hast thou been? EDGAR A serving-man, proud in heart and mind; that curled my hair; wore gloves in my cap; served the lust of my mistress' heart, and did the act of darkness with her; swore as many oaths as I spake words, and broke them in the sweet face of heaven: one that slept in the contriving of lust, and waked to do it: wine loved I deeply, dice dearly: and in woman out-paramoured the Turk: false of heart, light of ear, bloody of hand; hog in sloth, fox in stealth, wolf in greediness, dog in madness, lion in prey. To KENT and EDGAR Friends of my soul, you twain Rule in this realm, and the gored state sustain. GLOUCESTER Let's see, let's see. KENT I love thee not.


KENT The wonder is, he hath endured so long: He but usurp'd his life. EDGAR [Aside] How should this be? Bad is the trade that must play fool to sorrow, Angering itself and others.--Bless thee, master! GLOUCESTER Is that the naked fellow? Old Man Ay, my lord. Here is the guess of their true strength and forces By diligent discovery; but your haste Is now urged on you. CORNWALL Speak yet, how grew your quarrel? OSWALD This ancient ruffian, sir, whose life I have spared at suit of his gray beard,-- KENT Thou whoreson zed! thou unnecessary letter! My lord, if you will give me leave, I will tread this unbolted villain into mortar, and daub the wall of a jakes with him. Wherefore should I Stand in the plague of custom, and permit The curiosity of nations to deprive me, For that I am some twelve or fourteen moon-shines Lag of a brother? Why bastard? wherefore base? When my dimensions are as well compact, My mind as generous, and my shape as true, As honest madam's issue? Why brand they us With base? with baseness? bastardy? base, base? Who, in the lusty stealth of nature, take More composition and fierce quality Than doth, within a dull, stale, tired bed, Go to the creating a whole tribe of fops, Got 'tween asleep and wake? Well, then, Legitimate Edgar, I must have your land: Our father's love is to the bastard Edmund As to the legitimate: fine word,--legitimate! Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed, And my invention thrive, Edmund the base Shall top the legitimate. If you surpass this limit you get blocked for 24h.

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